Carlos Aya 

Carlos path to becoming an engineer was purely natural, his family including three civil engineer uncles was just a coincidence ... he's  been surrounded by drawings, projects and the construction environment since an early age....

Now he splits his time between his passion for sustainable building and his passion for sports, Carlos is an amateur triathlete and takes it very serious training and competing all year round. 
Never forget why you're in a certain project in the first place... No matter how you do it, leave your mark

​​We are crazy about costumer happiness and full satisfaction, always truly involved on every project, working close with developers and owners, our goal is to become friends and build a long term relationship with them, we want our clients to feel proud of their projects.   

"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us" - Winston Churchill

"We require from buildings two kind of goodness: first, they doing their practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it." - ​John Ruskin ​

Our history

One Core Construction Management, formerly Aya Solutions Inc. is a full service construction company started in 2003 in South America and 2005 in the US. Carlos Aya, Civil Engineer and Florida Certified General Contractor, moved to the US motivated by the impressive infrastructure and looking to enlarge his knowledge about state of the art construction practices methods and technologies.

OneCore CM started to grow slowly, the company started doing finish work and special decorative pieces, expanding to concrete repairs and structure later, finally getting to complete building from ground to floor, with an expertise in Construction Project Management.

Since 2007 the Company started the search for green construction practices looking to overcome even more interesting challenges in the building industry with a mindset for a sustainable future, within that road OneCore CM became a FPL Florida power and Light(TM) participating independent contractor (PIC) for some of their energy savings programs still available to these days...